Resisting Together is a movement of many ideas focussed on a single aim – the dissolution of Industrial Civilization1 through acts of resistance. We recognise the systemic problems of our society as Industrial Civilization, and its component elements of patriarchy, capitalism, war and ecocide (i.e. the current wholesale destruction of ecosystems); and by putting our differences aside, to organise against the root causes as opposed to the symptoms of these oppressions. There are many activists – community, political, radical individuals, groups and movements – operating both in the open and underground; we don’t agree on everything, but at our core we all seek to free all living beings, including humanity, from the yoke of the industrial machine, the horror-play that the civilized world acts out every day, degrading the natural world and enslaving people in the pursuit of material wealth and power.

  Resisting Together (RT) is a network to promote solidarity amongst Deep Green/Anti Civilization activists and to advocate resistance to Industrial Civilization through gatherings, public events etc, which are intended to create space for discussions and developing actions, and to normalise the resistance movement. A place to share, exhort, emote and learn from others how we can move towards a world where we are in control of our destiny, unfettered by the shackles of the industrial machine. By doing this, we will seek to bridge gaps and find commonality between the various strands of radical thought and action that are seeking to protect the future from ecocide.

It is very important to state that we do not advocate for or support the harming of any life.

While our problems are global in scope, the best answers often lie close to home, in communities and clans (rather than political divisions). This group is primarily for people in the British Isles, though by all means people from elsewhere can join in.

Resisting Together has an active open (not hidden) FB group where live discussion takes place. We recognise that many activists prefer not to use social media so this site is maintained as a more static reference point. Diary events and some links and discussion points from the Facebook group are reflected here.

The most important activity takes place on the ground in the real world - forging direct links between individuals and groups builds a network of resistance and teaches us to respect all of the diverse means that are needed to move beyond our cancerous industrial civilization.

Resisting Together is, of course, an 'above ground' affiliation - you should assume that anything here, as in the Facebook space, is visible to all parties and you should not believe or trust any discussion or reference to 'below ground' activity found here.

About the Logo

1 It is important to point out that there a few different definitions of civilisation out there. The definition of civilisation that we use is the way of life that began about 10,000 years ago following the start of agriculture. This enabled people to begin living in high densities – cities – because food could be stored and transported . Cities require the import of large amounts of other resources and once the area surrounding a cities runs out of something it demands, it needs to be sourced from somewhere else. If its a neighbouring nation then an army is needed to take it. That path led us to now, where the global culture – industrial civilisation is destroying the planet.